TD COST Action TD1309
Play for Children With Disabilities


We are happy to announce that the Call for the LUDI Training School “Play and Toys for All” obtained a great success!

In fact, we received 41 applications for the available 18 positions financed by LUDI, and 29 applications for the 24 positions made available by the Zuyd University!
These 69 applications covered 15 countries and many different disciplines (occupational therapy, psychology, engineering, design, pedagogy, etc.)

Thank you to all these people who demonstrated their interest in our activities, and also to the LUDI members who disseminated the initiative among their colleagues, students, friends!

An additional important news is that the LUDI Grant Holder Institution, the University of Aosta Valley (Italy), decided to reimburse the expenses (for an amount equal to the grant) to 4 additional participants: 2 devoted to applicants from the LUDI countries and 2 to applicants from the University itself.

Now, we can count on 22 funded grants plus the 24 supported by the Zuyd University!

The processing of applications has now been finalized and the future Trainees will receive the official invitation in some hours. They have been selected on the basis of some criteria strictly related to the COST rules and to the objectives of the Training School. Data about the whole process are available here.